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10 Tips for Packing and Moving Your Home

Moving is pretty tough with plenty of tasks to accomplish. When it comes to packing and moving, people often find themselves lost. The first and foremost thing to do when you are intending to move is planning. If you have been planning to move your house, then you have reached the right place. Find out how you can go about packing and moving your entire household. Here is a compilation of 10 helpful tips which will make you feel moving isn’t that hard as you probably thought before.


#1. Plan well ahead of time and get organized. Careful and timely planning will save you money, time and sanity. Decide when you want to move and select the goods that you want to move with you. De-cluttering and sorting all your belongings will help you in getting organized for the move.


#2. Note down all the necessary things you want to accomplish before making your big move. There are some things which people tend to forget often, such as transfer of basic utilities, booking travel tickets and making hotel reservations.


#3. Hire a moving company that perfectly fits your moving requirements. With the help of professional moving services you will be able to take advantage of their systematic packing and moving process. The moving companies will have fixed solutions which can offer you flexibility, safety and reliability in moving your belongings.


#4. If you are planning to remove all your home appliances all by yourself, then start doing them well ahead of time. Dismantling of electronic appliances would consume a lot of time. Also make sure that you keep the electrical cords sorted and clearly labelled. Make sure that you have noted all the connections so that it will be easier when you connect them from your new location.


#5. Ask for assistance from your family or friends if needed. If they are not available, then appoint baby sitters for taking care of your children at the time of your move. If you wish to avail the service of a handy man, then hire service technicians or check with your moving partner.


#6. Keep all your goods ready before the packers and movers arrive at your place. For instance, all your electronic appliances can be removed and packed carefully in moving boxes. The packers and movers will provide you with the necessary packaging materials. Use them wisely to wrap and secure the goods.


#7. Once all your goods are loaded into boxes, label each one of them with its contents. Label them on sides of the boxes rather than on the top of it.


#8. Keep all the moving documents such as contract, insurance documents and moving company contact details with you.


#9. Clean your new house before the moving truck arrives. In case if you can’t reach there on time, entrust someone else who can do it for you.


#10. Once the goods are unloaded on to your new residence, carefully unpack them and verify if they are all working fine.

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