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10 Tips for Moving With Pets

Like humans, moving can be quite a daunting task for pets too. Fear of surroundings and separation anxiety can cause uneasiness among pets. Apart from that there are certain pet laws and ordinance prevailing in some states that you should be aware of. If you are planning to move your pets, then here are some useful tips which can help you with relocation.


  1. First and foremost, check with the Veterinary Office or relevant authorities about the laws for moving pets and keeping them.For instance, if you own any exotic animal, then you certainly need special permit.In case if you are planning for an interstate move, then health certificates are mandatory for entering pets to certain states.


  1. Many states have made vaccination for pets mandatory. Check with the authorities and get the vaccination for your pets on time. Also, make sure that you have the certificate and related documents with you while moving. You may have border inspection and the officials may ask you to provide all necessary certificates.


  1. Usually, pets are not allowed in moving trucks and vans. They can be transported through airline services in case of long distance travel. Carrying them along with you in a vehicle may work only for short distance moves.


  1. Usually, pets are given a sedative medication so that they remain calm and easy during their transition. Consult a veterinarian to provide a mild dose of sedation for your pet while it travels to the new destination.


  1. Remember to keep your pets always in leash. Otherwise they may run away or cause damage to life or property owing to the fear of new surroundings and dis-orientation.


  1. Place identification tags on your pets when they are transported. Write down your name, contact details and address clearly. In case of emergency, the concerned person should be able to contact you promptly. In case if you are not available, and then make sure that the name and details of the responsible person too have been provided on the identification tag of the pet.


  1. If you are moving your pets through airline travel, then make a note of the feeding time for the pets. Airlines have strict guidelines for dealing with pets. Pets are not allowed to feed or drink a couple of hours before taking flight.


  1. In case if you are looking forward for a road trip with your pet, then it’s better to familiarize your pet by taking small road trips often. That will considerably reduce the uneasiness associated with the road travel.


  1. Always keep a travel kit handy for your pet. Take in all essential items such as pet food, leash, favourite toys, trash covers and bedding. These items will help you in handling your pet comfortably throughout the trip.


  1. For long distance road trip, you may want to stay overnight in a hotel. Check for hotels that allows pets for the overnight’s stay and make your reservations well in advance.  While staying in the hotel, make sure that your pet is always kept in a leash.
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